Community Projects

►Projects Under Development


Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Grant – Grant application pending

City proposes to undergo an evaluation aimed at developing a long-term plan for reduction Inflow & Infiltration into the wastewater collection system.


Water System Upgrade – Grant Application Pending

Grant project to fund major system replacements including water lines and storage.


Drainage Improvements – Construction in 2018

$50,000 estimated

Repairs and upgrades to severely degraded or inoperable portions of the stormwater system in various locations in the City.


Active Transportation Program & Safe Routes to School – Construction by 2021

$1,500,000 estimated

The City succesfully applied for a competitive grant for projects that will improve safety and non-motorized mobility around the intersection of US 101 and Wildwood Avenue. The project will also have positive impacts upon Belleview and Davis Streets. 

aerial photo of rio dell with lines indicating bike paths


Monument Road Storm Damage 2017 –

Repair project is the responsibility of the County of Humboldt.


Davis Street Trail – Construction Pending

Creation of a dedicated public access to the river for foot traffic at the end of Davis Street.


Humboldt-Rio Dell Business Park - Ongoing

Conceptualized in 2016 the old Eel River Sawmills (since renamed the "Humboldt-Rio Dell Business Park") received zoning changes that would allow newly legal commercial medical cannabis operations. Significant development has been proposed at the site and represents some of the largest commercial investments and economic development proposals in the history of the City.

decorative image of a logo for humboldt rio dell business park

aerial photo and map of rio dell

artist rendering of rio dell business park

►Projects Under Construction

ADA Porch Project – Scheduled to be completed December 2017.

$296,000 estimated

The project replaces a out-of-compliance entrance to City Hall with a ADA compliant structure using CDBG funds controlled by the Housing and Community Development Department of California.

Site Plans

3D Photo 1

3D Photo 2

construction work on porch


Metropolitan Wells – Near Completion

$1.8 million

During the summer of 2014 numerous challenges to the City’s water system needed to be addressed, including: the State Water Board’s curtailment of the City’s right to access water from the Eel River, limiting use to a maximum of 50 gallons per person per day with the threat of heavy penalties; record low flows in the Eel River and the possibility that the City’s water intake system would fail; the potential that the extreme drought conditions could last many more years. In response the City redeveloped the Metropolitan Wells water source as an emergency backup to the City’s main water supply, providing redundant water supply security for Rio Dell. The project received generous funding from the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (Proposition 84), United States Department of Agriculture and the State water Board (Proposition 1).

people holding shovels at groundbreaking ceremony

Members of the City Council and representatives from state, federal and county governments on hand for the official ground breaking ceremony.

wooden structure under construction

The facility under construction in September of 2017.


Avenue of the Sculptures – In progress


Using grant funds, up to four sculptures will be displayed along Wildwood Avenue through 2022.

artist standing next to sculpture of eagle and tree

►Completed Projects

2017 Paving Project – Completed


Using a subsidy from the General Fund made possible by Measure U proceeds, the city made repairs to street surfaces along Belleview and Davis Streets during the summer of 2017.

paved road through a neighborhood


Old Ranch Road Waterline Replacement - Completed in March of 2017.


Replacement of an aged and difficult section of water line.

Rio Dell Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Downtown Parking Lot ADA Improvements - Completed

Installed in 2016 and available 24/7. Two "level 2" chargers and one free "level 1" charger for ADA parking. This project included repairs and updates to ADA parking. $3,800

electric vehicle charging station in parking lot

Safe Routes To School - Completed


Installed 2014 addition of Center Street Pedestrian Safety Crossing.

pedestrian crosswalk


Downtown Wildwood Avenue Streetscape Project - Completed


Addition of new median islands on Wildwood Avenue from Davis Street to the Eagle Prairie Bridge.

median islands on avenue


Rio Dell Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – Completed

$12.9 million

Beginning in 2003 the City of Rio Dell began receiving Cease and Desist Orders from the State Regional Water Board for the facility’s non-compliance with the Water Quality Control Plan for the North Coast Region (Also known as the “Basin Plan”) limiting development in the City. In response the City upgraded the Wastewater Treatment Plant to a state-of-the-art Aeromod facility, in addition to creating a new effluent disposal field where wastewater could be discharged in a manner that complies with current environmental regulation. The projects were completed in 2013 and the City received a rescission of all related cease-and-desist orders on August 17, 2017.

image of plant of the year award for wastewater treatment