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October 20, 2021 Packet (none)
October 19, 2021 Packet (none)
October 5, 2021 Packet (none)
September 22, 2021 Packet (none)
September 21, 2021 Packet (none)
September 7, 2021 Packet (none)
August 18, 2021 Packet (none)
August 17, 2021 Packet (none)
August 17, 2021 Packet (none)
July 28, 2021 Packet (none)
July 27, 2021 Packet (none)
July 21, 2021 Packet (none)

Following are the links to current and past City Council Agendas. Each document contains the entire agenda packet as provided to each Councilmember. The agenda itself comprises the first several pages, with the agenda items and staff reports included on the following pages. The page number for each agenda item is referenced on the agenda at the beginning of the document. Each agenda packet also includes the minutes from the prior City Council meeting. Agenda file names beginning with PC are for the Planning Commission.

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