Cannabis Activities Forms and Handouts


The City Council approved Ordinance No. 348-2017 in October of 2016.  The Ordinance established Section 17.30.195, Commercial Medical Cannabis Regulations. On February 20, 2018 the City Council of The City of Rio Dell adopted Ordinance No. 364-2018 amending the cannabis regulations to allow for Adult (A) commercial activities.   All commercial cannabis activities are restricted to the Humboldt-Rio Dell Business Park. Personal cultivation of cannabis is allowed under State law via Proposition 64, subject to reasonable local regulation. The City of Rio Dell requires those who engage in personal cultivation file for a personal cannabis cultivation permit, which is linked below.

The Planning Commission has already approved three cannabis activity permits for approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial cultivation activity and it’s expected that another 100,000 square feet cultivation of permits will be requested.  As part of the implementing Ordinance, the City Council elected to set the initial tax rate at $2.00 per square foot for all commercial cultivation activity.

In addition, the Planning Commission has approved applications for manufacturing oils, concentrates, creams, sublinguals and other cannabis products, a testing laboratory, a tissue culture nursery, research and development, packaging, processing and distribution operations.  The City Council set the initial rate for these activities at 2% of gross receipts. All commercial cannabis operators are required to enroll and participate in the City Of Rio Dell's Track and Trace system. You can learn more about this requirement by visiting

The State of California's regulatory portal can be reached here.

Personal Cannabis Cultivation Application

Commercial Cannabis Activity Forms and Handouts

City of Rio Dell Cannabis Local Equity Program (RDCLEP)

The goal of the Rio Dell Cannabis Local Equity Program is to recognize and address the long-term impact that federal and state cannabis enforcement policies have had on our community. 

The Equity Program is designed to support equal opportunity in the cannabis industry by making legal cannabis business ownership and employment opportunities more accessible to low income individuals and communities most impacted by the criminalization of cannabis. If availiable, funds can be used to assist qualified applicants. Please contact City Hall at 707-764-3532 to learn more and apply.